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Shading wall washer aluminum housing

Uses: landscape lighting, stage, buildings, billboard lighting, green landscape lighting, hotel cultural lights, special facilities lighting, bars, dance halls, entertainment venues, etc.
Material: 6063 GB aluminum Specification: 1000*48*48 (arbitrary length)
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Led light hard strip housing kit

Bar counters, display counters, medicinal counters, shopping mall counters, etc.
Material: 6063 GB aluminum
Product Size:16.7mm11.4mm
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High precision high strength, mold development and manufacturing

• Yuguan Lighting Aluminium Kit, focusing on LED lighting aluminum kits, custom-made mold opening, and on the radiator,

• Industrial aluminum mold-making has a very mature experience, and can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

Product variety is complete - existing mold spot wholesale

• Existing mold spot wholesale, products related to LED wall washer shell kit, LED hard light strip shell kit, jewelry counter lamp shell kit profiled profiles, industrial profiles, sunflower profiles, radiator profiles, round tubes, square tubes, reasonable structure, The heat dissipation performance is good, the waterproofing can be done without IP65, the surface is anodized, or sprayed. GB 6063 aluminum, reasonable structure, good heat dissipation performance, IP65 without glue, surface anodized, or sprayed.

Own aluminium extrusion machine, control the quality

• The materials are all made of national standard aluminum--6063. The main factory has its own aluminum extrusion machine, which guarantees the materials of the products from the source, so that the quality of the products can be guaranteed.

Can satisfy different customer demand for processing

The deep processing plant involves: CNC punching, punching, bending, CNC machining, drilling, tapping, welding, spraying, as long as you provide samples or drawings, we can process according to your design requirements, and welcome incoming materials. Sample deep processing.

Provide CAD drawings build a model, the fastest week of a kind generally 11 days to determine your sample, do batch

Existing mould ready at any time, to guarantee the delivery date

Our LED wall washer housing kit, LED hard light strip housing kit, jewelry counter light shell kit, own products, self-built warehouse stocking Stocking products are: aluminum profiles, die castings, injection molded parts, bracket parts, strips, aprons, stainless steel screws, all tempered glass
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Company strength

Foshan Nanhai Yuguan Lighting Accessories Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research, design and sales. Its main products are LED wall washer housing, line lamp housing, hard light strip housing, jewelry counter lamp housing, etc. All kinds of LED series lighting aluminum materials can be designed and manufactured according to the drawings provided by customers to produce new products that meet the market requirements and can be further processed according to customers' requirements to solve customers' worries.

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